Presenting the atomics character sheet

June 5, 2017

Pathfinder Mythic Adventure cover by Paizo

The missing character sheet for mythic and unchained heroes of our Pathfinder campaigns.

This project has seen light thanks to the collaboration of a couple of role-playing groups with whom we played the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path, ad campaign that involves mythic heroes and the fight of men versus one of the most dangerous evil of the world. To play the game we pluged in the Pathfinder Unchained and Mythic Adventures rules set, all of which are available for free in the fantastic PRD.

These sheets are designed to be brief and to evidence what we think are the core elements of every characters: 

  1. The Pathfinder Unchained consolidated skills
  2. The legendary item possessed in the inventory
  3. The mythic powers of our hero

We tested them in a dedicated one-shot adventure and the feedback has been encouraging. Give it a go and enjoy the attachments!


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