Improve the magic: crafting astra in d&d

May 6, 2017

Fantasy illustration by Paizo

Astra is a versatile resource that enables unique magic effects in your fantastic adventures.

Many formulas can be found in the world of fantasy and each one explains the methods to imbue a raw astra crystal with magical properties. Raw astra can be found, mined from special veins, or even extracted from other items. Once available, raw astra can be refined in the form of a colored crystal that just floats around its carrier, ready to be used anytime with a bonus action. 

Please note that any area or distance effect follows the guidelines for narrative combat by Sly Flourish and that the concept behind Astra is inspired by the innovative Harbringer's settings by Absolute Tabletop.

Zinc white

The stone shakes on your palm.
Explodes for 2d6 force damage in a small area. Can be thrown as a short ranged attack.
Green alternative effect: dispels a single astra effect. Can be thrown as a short ranged attack.

1 charge

Lime white

A warm and pale energy surrounds your arm.
Adds +1d10 radiant damage to a single ranged or melee attack.
Green alternative effect: a creature of your choice, that you can see within melee range, regains hit points equal to 1d4 + your spellcasting ability modifier.

3 charges

Electric blue

You can almost feel the crack of the lightning.
Grants advantage to attack rolls for anyone in a small area. Lasts for 1 minute.
Green alternative effect: creates a semi-transparent wall in a small area that gives half cover to anyone within it. Lasts for 1 minute.

1 charge

Jasper red

A sparkle of red astra periodically hursts from your weapon.
Enhances a weapon with the unstable property. An unstable attack gets an additional damage roll if the first has yielded 1.
Green alternative effect: enhances a weapon with the +1 magical property.

1 charge

Dioptase green

This gem is almost liquid and just barely holds together.
Enhances other gems of astra, unlocking alternative effects.

3 charges

Astra is what we call "campaign aspect": a unique element of our role playing campaign. It is especially designed for sci-fi D&D adventures as it gives to the players an additional layer of character development. As a dungeon master you can choose to emphasize the flavor or the mechanics as you see fit for your own table. Give it a try, integrate Astra and enhance your campaign!


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