Sharing cues for your next d&d campaign

April 9, 2017

Black Wolf's Inn by Medieval Music on Pinterest

A collection of inspiring adventure hooks, ready to spice up our favorite role playing sessions.

Thanks to the contribution of a few collaborative friends, we designed a set of adventure seeds that passionates us the most. For each adventure we wrote a synopsis for the players and a few keywords that can help the fantasy to kick off from our heads. There they are:

  • Sidereal blades
    A fight against time: the first vampire must be stopped before he devours the entire county.
  • Portals of flames
    A sneaking adventure in a hidden temple: deactivate the portals and then escape before the cultists will manage to summon an entire legion of demons.
  • The last quest of Minamoto Genji
    A delicate diplomatic mission that leverages the honor ways to achieve the respect of their rival clans.
  • Searching the diamond star
    Reach and recover the core of the Diamond Star, before the space pirates do the same.

These adventures follow the lazy preparation style by Sly Flourish and serve as a starting point before any deeper preparation. Once the players agree on a storyline, the dungeon master should proceed filling it with NPCs, cool locations and some nasty encounters depending on their style of play.


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